Can Artificial Intelligence help us find art in the everyday?

Learn about Recognition and experience art like never before

In partnership with Tate, Microsoft supported IK Prize 2016 winners Fabrica and developers JoliBrain to create a programme that could help uncover the hidden links between art and current events.
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Recognition incorporated multiple artificial intelligence technologies enabling the artworks from Tate Britain to be matched with news imagery we see and absorb everyday. Sophisticated algorithms were at the heart of its operation, collating and organising artworks to establish accurate matches at lightning speeds.


Using a computational algorithm, Recognition was able to study a piece of art in the collection and, much as a human would, recognise a range of features including composition, colour, people, objects and emotion almost instantly. The tool combined this with details about the image, so, the location of a painting or the genders featured in a picture.


One of our objectives was to use the Microsoft Cognitive Services to help people bring their ideas to life. The Recognition project offered us a great opportunity. Our passionate team of world leading engineers and developers worked closely with Tate Britain, Fabrica and JoliBrain to turn what was an original competition entry into a never-before-seen art display.

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The story of Recognition

The creation of Recognition marked a technological first. The use of artificial intelligence to sort and pick through an extensive collection of artworks and then match them to images depicting the latest in news and events had never been attempted before. This is the story of how a prize winning idea became reality. This is the story of Recognition.


The Future of AI

The Recognition project uses innovative AI technology to improve our understanding of art at London’s Tate Britain gallery. But this is just the start. What role can AI play in wider culture? Watch the interview with Dave Coplin to find out.


Revealing Recognition

Recognition is a triumph in collaboration and endeavour. It uses the very latest artificial intelligence technologies to interpret image captions and text, analysing context and subject matter, to determine an accurate match between artwork from Tate collection and up-to-the-minute photojournalism from Reuters.


Building Recognition

Using Microsoft developed APIs, JoliBrain created the Recognition technology. Based in Toulouse, the duo of Alex Girard and Emmanuel Benazera worked with Microsoft and Fabrica to deliver the complex set of algorithms that drive the imagine matching


Meet Fabrica

Based in Treviso, communication research centre Fabrica offers young researchers from around the world one-year scholarships across a multitude of creative industries. Members Coralie Gourguechon, Monica Lanaro, Isaac Vallentin and Angelo Semeraro were the team behind Recognition, this year’s IK Prize winning entry.


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